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Stable Computing Solutions

    Save time, money and eliminate down time on your computers with Stable Computing Solutions (SCS).

    Do you want a customized, permanent, one time solution, a new computer every time?

    ODV Info Tech can build, install or modify your existing or new computers and notebooks with protective software, hardware
            that resists abuse, recovers from attacks and cleans up settings.

    Our custom solution will fully protect your system.

    Keep public access computers for hotels, colleges, libraries and business centers operational
            Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction while maximizing efficiency.

Stable Computing Solution

    Keep your computer running like new
            Keep computers from slowing down over time
            Prevent Viruses, Malware and Spyware
            Stop unwanted Adware, applets

            Protect Windows Operating System from corruption
            Erase logs, Cookies and Browser history

    Save Money
            Reduce technical support costs
            Eliminate wasted time removing unwanted items
            No need for Anti Virus software or updates

            Can we update software/hardware after the customization?
            How long has this solution been available?
                    Fifteen years