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Seminar to educate non-profits about tax laws

California State Board of Equalization (BOE) organized Non Profit Tax Seminar with association of following agencies Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Franchise Tax Board (TFB), Employment Development Department (EDD) at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple & Community Center.

Betty T. Yee. Vice Chairwoman was very helpful and thankful to attendees, community making sure the event was successful. More than 300 people attended full day event from all over California and enjoyed their time. Information provided in the seminar was well prepared and helpful. Everyone stayed until the end of the event which proves the usefulness of info provided.

Raj Bhanot, Amarjit Singh, Surinder Chopra took care of all the convenience of guest attending the event. Lunch served by Sunnyvale Hindu Temple & Community Center was mouth watering and attendees had changed perspective that "There is free, good lunch possibility even in America".

Betty T. Yee. alongwith other members attended prayers at the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, was happy about everything and enjoyed the day discussing with attendees and temple volunteers.


This is a memorable, historic day for which everyone is proud. A successful day liked by all organizers, presenters, attendees and Sunnyvale Hindu Temple Team. We all are looking forward for the next event.

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