Global Warming Cool

If not Earth, Where ?
If not Now, When ?
If not You, Who ?

Thanks for saving our environment, planet ...
Lots of us are on this endeavour ...

Interesting research on the 'Green Power'

Did you ever wonder why the moon is there?
Did anyone ever ask, "Why do we have a moon?"
I'll tell you why: so that we could power our cities!
Not too many have thought of this.


There is another glorified steam engine called the Magma of Earth.
Everywhere you drill, it gets hot.
The further you go down, it gets real hot.
Did you think about that ?
If you want heat, all you have to do is drill for it!


Yes, algae are what purified the earth's atmosphere when it was in its
nascent stage and it can do that even today!

Take your pick and contribute to clean our home .. The Earth!
cool is cool

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