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Global Concerns Local Actions - Communities getting involved

Global Concerns Local Actions - Communities getting involved
Sunnyvale Blue Shopping Bags and CFL distributed at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple

In ongoing effort to create Global Warming awareness, Indo-American community involvement, free shopping bags provided by Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce and CFL provided by PGE were given to Sunnyvale City Indo-American residents during the event.

Global Warming awareness action plan is an important concern for  Indo-American communities, participation in huge numbers at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple. Sam Rao, Amarjit Singh with team of volunteers spreads awareness about Global Warning and how we all can make sure the life on our beautiful planet is preserved for better quality life. Raj Bhanot, Naranji Patel, Anil Sood and Indian Community are great help for the success of these events. Sunnyvale Cool Group volunteers are working to create the awareness and appreciates the participation of citizens, Sunnyvale City Official helping save our planet.

Barbara Fu Kumoto said "The Council approved funding for the permanent, part-time sustainability coordinator as part of the '08-'09 Budget! This means that staff plans to spend previously-acquired grant money on the community carbon audit or greenhouse gas inventory. This inventory will provide the data needed to set meaningful greenhouse gas reduction goals and a comprehensive climate protection plan to meet those goals. Council and staff have taken a significant step toward achieving their vision of a sustainable city and fulfilling the commitments made in the Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement."  "This is great step taken by council, residents are proud of Mayor, Council, staff, caring for our planet earth" said Amarjit.

During his recent visit Sunnyvale Mayor Anthony (Tony) Spitaleri appreciated Indo-American community involvement acting on Global Warming.

Recently Parshottam Rupala, Gujarat BJP State President & Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) visited from India to attend Gujarat Day, he appalled the efforts by Sunnyvale City Official, Sunnyvale Hindu Temple Officials and different communities. During conversation with Amarjit and volunteers, conveyed his happiness about Indo-American communities participation in reducing Global Warming, he urged everyone to participate whole heartedly.

Sunnyvale Cool Group team is growing everyday, is working hard for the cause, having great response from the communities.

Our Mission: Acting to reduce GHG emissions in our community
Our Goals:
  Self-education/action, inform ourselves
  Advocate bold, systematic, strategic action by city government to reduce GHG emissions in Sunnyvale
  Encourage our community to take action to stop climate change
  Act to reduce our own footprints
  Increasing membership

== Sunnyvale Cool Cities ==
''Global Concern''
"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew." Herbert Marshall McLuhan

== Background ==
''Earth - Our Beautiful planet''
Learn More and Get Involved
Let us all do a little bit to make our planet Earth beautiful
Global Warming, Water shortage, It is matter of great concern for everyone
Let us not pollute our world, statistics show all of us individually can make a real difference

== Campaign ==
Everyone should compile a list of things to be part of this movement, simple things like
 Save Energy
 Save Water
 Save Fuel
 Reduce Your carbon foot print on our environment

== Support ==
Sunnyvale City, volunteers and many more are making the difference

In summary

Sunday, June 15, 2008

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