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"Human activities are increasingly altering the Earth's climate. These effects add to natural influences that have been present over Earth's history. Scientific evidence strongly indicates that natural influences cannot explain the rapid increase in global near-surface temperatures observed during the second half of the 20th century.”

“A particular concern is that atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide may be rising faster than at any time in Earth's history, except possibly following rare events like impacts from large extraterrestrial objects.”

“Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have increased since the mid-1700s through fossil fuel burning and changes in land use, with more than 80% of this increase occurring since 1900. Moreover, research indicates that increased levels of carbon dioxide will remain in the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years. It is virtually certain that increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will cause global surface climate to be warmer.”

  • In Sunnyvale: Sample Efficiencies To-Date
    Methane from the landfill converted to electricity
    Extensive residential and government recycling programs
    Traffic signals switched to LED’s; computer monitors to flat screens
    Incentives for LEED Silver-certified  commercial buildings.
    Several City buildings Green Certified
    PV Solar on Senior Center
  • In Sunnyvale: Emissions from City Operations and Facilities
    Greenhouse emissions from city government operations/buildings are 13% below 1990 levels due to efficiency measures already implemented by the city!
  • In Sunnyvale: Progress in ‘07
    The Greenhouse Gas Inventory of City operations/facilities is complete.
    Projects to further reduce city government’s footprint are in the budget pipeline.
    The City has pledged to further reduce GHG emissions from city ops by 2010.

In summary
Our goal in
informing ourselves
encouraging our Council to act
attempting to engage the community

to help create the political will to
protect our earth home
for ourselves, our children,
and all life on earth

"Top 3 Ideas for Action"
# Estimate your carbon footprint and strive to shrink it.
# Invest your tax rebate in saving energy - CFL's, insulation, whether-stripping, an Energy Star appliance, solar hot water.
# Join a group concerned with global warming and help create the political will to minimize it.

"Reducing Our Personal Footprints"
#  Step out of our cars and into the great outdoors. Walk or bike more and more. See the sky. Watch the birds.
    Feel the wind on your face, the sun on you back. Greet your neighbors.
    Nurture body and soul. Guaranteed more fun than driving.
#  Try transit. The more we use it, the more convenient it will become.
#  Save water; you will also save the energy required to pump it.
#  Shop farmers' markets. Locally grown means less energy used to transport.
#  Reduce, reuse, recycle.
#  Make your home energy efficient.
#  Eat lower on the food chain.

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