Earth Day and every day is a time to act to protect our planet

On This Earth Day
Let us all do a little bit to make our planet Earth beautiful
Global Warming, Water shortage, It is matter of great concern for everyone
Let us not pollute our world, statistics show all of us individually can make a real difference

"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew." Herbert Marshall McLuhan

Everyone should compile a list of things to be be part of this movement, simple things like

Save Energy
Switch off lights, use energy efficient lights
Switch off electrical equipment from stand by
Use programmed timers

Save Water
Turn off water taps, while brushing teeth, shaving
Short showers, bath
Washing clothes, utensils, cars
Cars might be perfect with dry cloth wiping
Do not wash your towels everyday if not dirty, even when you are staying at hotel
Urinals at home, standard flush tank makes more water go down drain
Do you know what happens to the water, you use everday?

Save Fuel
Drive, Fly only when most essential, join carpools
Use car only when you absolutely need to
Walk if you can, use your bicycle, public transport
Let your kids use school bus rather than being driven
Don't keep car running just to keep airconditioning or while waiting
Save cooking gas

Reduce Your carbon foot print on our environment

By shrinking carbon/greenhouse gas emissions, we save energy, create a healthier and more sustainable cities, planet earth, help build a green economy and protect the environment.

"All we need to be is aware. And like people on diets, we all need to be on energy and water usage diets" SK

Earth - Our Beautiful Planet

Sunnyvale City, volunteers and many more are making the difference

With due credit and appreciation for everyone' efforts

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