om ganeshaya namah


We appreciate, dedicate achievements to our ancestors
Amarjit, is proud of his parents for excellent upbringing, freedom to "be a human".

Life is more meaningful, richer, having traveled all over India, Europe, USA, living & working with people from all walks of life. Having studied computing in 80s, the beginning of Computer Era. Thanks to all excellent teachers, people on the path. Gratefully appreciate the Novell, who always call Amarjit "Soldier of Novell" and being from first batch of Certified Network Engineer, Novell, India.

Technology evangelist pursuing career, life in USA, believes Digital World is making this planet better.

Greatest contribution we can do to the humanity, this world is by: "Let us leave this world a better place, more human than we received it."
All in this life is possible with great support, inspiration.
"Contribution to the society is the greatest nourishment and achievement in life."

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